Saturday, April 13, 2013

Talking Point 10: Glee Episodes

So I have always been an avid Glee watcher, so I had already seen the episodes we had to watch for this weeks Talking Point.  But it was interesting to watch them again and watch for signs of how teenagers react with one another.

One thing that I always thought this show did a good job doing was creating a new outlook and identity for people who are gay and lesbian.  I always thought that they were helping protect people but this video shows otherwise.

It's crazy what they are saying.  I am an advocate for gays and had the privilege of growing up in a community where we were very accepting of everyone.  And even when my best friend of over ten years suddenly started questioning her sexuality and began dating another girl, it was fine by me.  But I know how mean people can be, and I know how hard it is for gay youth in America.

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  1. I liked this post, I thought you found some great videos! And I have to admit that one of reasons that I think Glee is good for teenagers is because of its positive messages about sexuality, Even if I don't always agree with the messages all of the time.
    But Oh man, the news video! I don't know who was worse, the ignorant anti-gay guy or the Newscaster egging them on!
    Anyway, great Post!